Bi-partizan Dictatorship: 'Obama vs. Romney, illusion of a choice' [Linh Dinh, Mike Harris & Kevin Barrett © PressTV]

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Linh Dinh, Mike Harris & Kevin Barrett

According to a Guardian article titled "The US presidential debates' illusion of political choice", contrary to what is commonly portrayed, the two US presidential candidates are in "full-scale agreement" on many of most consequential policies, leaving the American voters with "little choice" on Election Day. "Wednesday night's debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney underscored a core truth about America's presidential election season: the vast majority of the most consequential policy questions are completely excluded from the process," Glenn Greenwald wrote in the article published on Thursday.

The columnist on civil liberties and US national security said the exclusion is in large part "due to the fact that, despite frequent complaints that America is plagued by a lack of bipartisanship, the two major party candidates are in full-scale agreement on many of the nation's most pressing political issues." Every election in the United States is basically a "rigged referendum" in an incredibly corrupt system of war profiteers, funding war candidates in order to promote "endless war," says an analyst.

Press TV has conducted an interview with political analyst and writer, Linh Dinh, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to discuss the elections in the US. The program featuring Dinh also offers the opinions of two other guests: managing director of AMT Capital Partners Mr. Mike Harris and Co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, Dr. Kevin Barrett.

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