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Subject of this upload:

For new viewers of my uploads here, I will start by shortly define MY version of the word "perpetual":

You can NOT get a patent on ANY "perpetual" motor - Why? Because (quote from wikipedia): "Perpetual motion describes "motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy; impossible in practice because of friction.""- KEY WORD HERE: "INDEFINITELY" = IMPOSSIBLE, so what is wrong here is the definition that "science" has given the very word "perpetual".

So, again: You can NOT get a patent on Perpetual motion because it does not work BUT: You CAN get a patent on things that does not work - Just think about that because it IS the key to understand what have been going on for a very, VERY long time !!!

When I make a magnet motor, what do I want? I want WHAT I NEED: If it can run for 200 years, well: That's enough for me, thank you - but oh: NO NO NO: That is IMPOSSIBLE, remember? It need to be able to run INDEFINITELY so my motor in the public domain WOULD be "impossible".

Would you like a new PC? The old PC fan getting old, making funny noises? The PC Using too much power?

What if I told you that you are able to create your own noise free magnet PC fan BUT NOT ONLY THAT: What if I told you that this PC fan would also be your own free clean energy source to help power the PC?

If you believe in "science" and all their suppression of alternative energy sources in mainstream TV and the press (where the Rothchild family owns all the information / all the news agencies like Reuters and the Associated press), then, please stay with me before scrolling down and write to me that I am crazy.


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