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A message from Spain to The United States of America

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Oct 10, 2012
  • Hits: 20

Read for information:Leer para obtener informacin:VIVA LA REVOLUCIN ESPAOLA ( I don't own anything in this video )SPEAKERS:VOCES:Judge Andrew Napalitano - "What If " REMOVING Freedoms NowFrom: YouLawMaster: Savio on the operation of the machineFrom: Cherumaz: AND VIDEOS USED: FECHAS Y VIDEOS UTILIZADOS:From: TruthStartsNow7/12/12: Alexander Higgins: 9/25/12: ArthurKong77:9/29/12: Kenyata Films:9/29/12 SpanishRevolutionSol:9/29/12: TerrorIsModeautor:10/2/12: SpanishRevolutionSol:9/25/12: Alexander Higgins:9/29/12: USED:MUSICA UTILIZADOS:First song/Primera CancionFrom: Isisdoo: Song/Segunda CancionFrom: MoviesMusicNature: PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO for the Spanish People! POR FAVOR COMPARTIR ESTE VIDEO para la gente Espaola!

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