UFO Over Berlin 12:55am,October 2,2012

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UFO OVER BERLIN, 12.55am, 02.10.12
Witness Statement:
I was just walking back from my studio when i noticed what i thought was sky lanterns.
except when i noticed that it passed thru a cloud and lit up the whole cloud around it.

I pulled out my phone to film it. Then after i noticed a 3rd one, moving considerably faster than the first 2 come along the same path.

that is when i noticed there was 4 or 5 others behind it.

unfortunately my iphone is out of space most of the time, so the gaps are where i was quickly trying to find stuff to delete in my photo library so i could keep filming.

the last one moved the fastest, as seen in the last clip.. but my phone was full again by then and i didnt get the end of it.

they were completely silent, except for the last one, just before it disappeared from view, i heard what sounded like a jet engine revving up, but it was really quiet .. not muffled, just much lower volume.

My camera filmed this stuff upside down for some reason, but they were traveling in a North West direction.

i was not under the influence of any drug or alcohol at the time.

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