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Statement From A Resister - Leah-Lynn Plante

  • Herbert
  • uploaded: Oct 12, 2012
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  • Nuujumn11#

    Nuujumn11 October 14, 2012 10:34:43 PM CEST

    And remember: Love is the most powerful force on this planet. Try not to remain in fear anymore; this is what the Dark wants from you -- IT LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY FEEDS OFF FEAR ENERGY! The Dark on this planet knows it's time/presence here is QUICKLY coming to an end, once and for all, and it's just acting out as a spoiled child would, trying to maintain its hold as it's breathing its last breath. And it works through those who are spiritually ignorant and weak. Just love the doers and the Dark to death! That is your shield.

  • Nuujumn11#

    Nuujumn11 October 14, 2012 10:20:40 PM CEST

    Very well spoken Leah-Lynn!!! Your courage and Light within is your safeguard against the attempts by these very weak evil workers of the Dark you are presently dealing with. Call on the Creator, Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael to help you and your friends IMMEDIATELY! And don't let up on doing this! They are an incredible and unshakable force against the evil you are dealing with! If you have access to a computer, go to Inelia Benz site: Ascension 101 and go through the step on how to stop negativity, etc. She is an incredible Light being on this planet who comes directly from Source, whose sole purpose for being here is to lift the vibrations of the planet. Also project a thought out to her for her to help you! I will also do same from here for all of you!

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