CENSORED BY AMAZON! Video review of "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Oct 12, 2012
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This is a video review that was originally posted on Amazon.com. It was rated the 2d most helpful review on the site for nine days (126 helpful of 179 total). Then, on October 11, with NO NOTICE and NO JUSTIFICATION, Amazon pulled this review, violating its stated policy never to remove negative reviews!!This action was so outrageous it was blasted by David Von Pein, one of the most noted people to hold to the idea of a lone assassin. Here's what Von Pein wrote:"Even though I totally disagree with just about everything uttered by Mr. Barry Krusch regarding the JFK murder case, I think it's ridiculous and unfair that Amazon has chosen to remove his video review for O'Reilly's book from the Amazon.com website.Barry's video review obviously met all of Amazon's requirements for a video review, otherwise it wouldn't have been allowed to go live on the Amazon site in the first place. But now, many days later, it's suddenly pulled from the site. It's ridiculous.Everybody has a right to express his/her opinion, and Barry did just that in his video review, which, as mentioned, Amazon obviously had no problems with at all for the first several days, because it was available on Amazon's site during that time period. . . . I, for one, think Barry's video review (which is very well constructed) should be reinstated to the Amazon site. Freedom of speech is important. And there was certainly nothing in Mr. Krusch's video review that would warrant it being removed from the Amazon.com website."On a lighter note, and in a separate video, I have challenged Bill O'Reilly to accept my $25,000 offer to prove my book wrong before a virtual jury of 12 arbitrators. He will never accept: trust me on that one, people!Watch that video before O'Reilly gets it removed from YouTube!!

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