Journalist kidnapped in Syria: 'Missing in the Field' [RT]

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A 40-year-old Ukrainian journalist collaborating with several Russian news outlets went missing in Syria. Colleagues and relatives believe she may have been kidnapped.

Well-known Russian blogger and the ex-deputy of the Russian State Duma Daria Mitina reported that journalist Anhar Kochneva may have been kidnapped 20 kilometers from the city of Homs, near the town of Al-Qusayr by the Syria-Lebanon border. That area has witnessed violent clashes between the Syrian government and the opposition forces recently

On Monday, Kocheva traveled to Tartus with a colleague, journalist Elena Gromova, where the two gave speeches to the city's residents, Mitina told RT. Kocheva was supposed to return to Damascus after the trip, but changed her mind and went to Homs instead to prepare a report for the NTV television station.

“The latest information we have is that yesterday [on Friday] around noon Anhar tried to establish connection with our TV crew in Damascus,” Mitina said. “She called their hotel, but connection broke and she never called back.

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