Vivos - Underground Shelter Network for Long-Term Survival

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Oct 15, 2012
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The Vivos network of underground shelters is very real. Watch this video tour of one of the massive shelters built to withstand a 20 megaton blast from just 2 miles. This is one of the smallest Vivos shelters, with accommodations for just 80 people for up to one year of autonomous underground survival. The largest provides shelter for over 2,000 people. At complete build out Vivos will save about 6,000 people - 1 in every 1 million people on Earth in these impervious shelters. Something is coming. Vivos is prepared for all of the predicted risks, whenever they may occur - in 2012, 2013 or beyond. Vivos is the only co-ownership community shelter network on the planet. Limited space is still available for those that qualify. Members are now boarding. Don't be left on the other side of the door!

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