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Bad Moon Rising and Jose Escamilla Threats


  • Mixmonkey42069#

    Mixmonkey42069 October 17, 2012 8:26:05 PM CEST

    Ok man. I gotta be honest, Super Soylent. While I agree "bad moon rising" and Jose are full of bs, your argument looses credibility when you attack this site like you have in your comment. I take personal offense to it. I've never seen anyone calling anybody names before this post, and I've been watching vids on this site for quite some time now. You talk shit about jose calling you names, then you turn around and do the same exact thing to anyone that comments your video. You want to discredit someone, fine. Just don't discredit yourself by lumping an entire site full of honest, truth seeking people in with a few dumb asses. Sure, there's a lot of bs on this site. Same as ANY OTHER site out there. Learn to ignore it, give it a bad rating, and move on. Anyone with a brain can do a little research on jose, or any vid on here for that matter, and quickly determine what is real and what is bs...

  • Supersoylent#

    Supersoylent October 16, 2012 7:52:07 PM CEST

    I hope people look at the comment left by Spikey and realize the type of 'respected' individual on this pathetic site.

    1. Spikey think I work for the Government. No evidence of this but they idiots thrive on blind belief - evidence and logic isn't required - just feelings and a big mouth.
    2. Spikey thinks I'm after every UFO researcher (of which I happen to be one) thus showing a state of ignorance appreciated by DiscloseTV.
    3. Spikey assumes a lot more shit and then spews the shit that he assumes as real shit instead of the dog shit that he is spewing.
    4. Spikey thinks this site is progressive even though it's the most authoritarian site around with Mods involved in name calling, obscenity and banning anyone the want regardless of whether the rules have been broken or not. Spikey here is a fine example of the IQ of this place generally. I would put him at around a 5th grade graduate give or take a year. I DO know that his gullibility is off the scale. A mental zombie who believes in leprechauns on the moon no doubt.

  • Spikey#

    Spikey October 16, 2012 6:56:39 PM CEST

    So...how long have you worked for the government then?

    Pay alright is it?


    And to think, all i had to do was ditch my self respect, honesty and morals, and i could have earned a very good living rubbishing every UFO researcher and filmaker going too...mind you, 30 pieces of silver ain't what it used to be...so i'll stick with my integrity.

    You and your pal Greybabboon or whatever he or she is calling themselves this week, (probably one and the same shill) can run back to ATS and go fuck yourselves with the CIA wankers running that place.

    The rules are a little more progressive on this site...if we suspect it, we say it, and some little government dogsbody won't come along and remove the post either, so nowhere and nobody for you to hide behind here dick splash...

    Now run along government boy...the genuine people are talking.

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