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FEMA Earthquake Drill On Oct.18 - What is the gov hiding?


  • Chronicnerd#

    Chronicnerd October 15, 2012 7:09:18 PM CEST

    They are preparing *now* because of several reasons:

    1.) They can...only in the past decade has technology advanced far enough as well as enough monitoring stations constructed and tested in order to be able to predict, in far enough advance, when an Earthquake will strike. They also have contingency measures in the event a series of stations fail due to unknown/sudden mega quake activity, which for the immediate region does not help, but for the surrounding regions could give people enough time to find shelter.

    2.) The fault lines of primary concern (central north America and far west coast America), have historically had issues due to geological research that, until recently, was not conclusive enough in some governmental circles to take immediate action. Over the past six years many advancements as well as additional information from technological advancements has given enough evidence to convince the governments that there could be a "mega quake" within the next decade or sooner.

    3.) This is more of a question rather than fact: Would you rather your government be doing nothing at all about giving some form of warning or would you prefer they do give you warning?

    No one can say for sure when any form of world disaster could strike, however the name of the game, in the event such a thing were to happen, is to try to give humans the chance to keep alive in order to continue our evolution and species. It actually is about time we got a system in place for Earth Quakes and other potential disasters that could give people vital time to prepare.

    So, I wouldn't view this as such an ominous thing...because the data, for anyone following both Earth and Sun changes, has pointed to world changes/events that have shifted land and sea...not speculative...but actual proof from various core samples/layer sampling around the globe.

    We have always had the threat there...before any of us were born...we are now just becoming aware of the threats and trying to figure out "some kind" of plan in the event such a thing were to happen.

    View it as you may...but personally I would rather have people notified than not notified... :)

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