'The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks' [TruthNeverTold]

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Due to the complete failure of all our systems of law/justice/intelligence to rout out the conspirators of 9/11 and other previous false flags there's no doubt we'll see another. If they can sit in the whitehouse and plan to have americans killing americans to start war we have a biiiig problem that's not being solved. Until somebody flips the light switch on in the dark pit of corruption we call a government and sweeps out the roaches and rats I won't believe otherwise.it's gettin to the point of no return isnt it? AIPAC is literally screaming for another false flag/war. The Military Industrial Complex and the Bankers are worried about our school children being fat, and unable to go and die for them when they turn 18. Thus the Fist Bumper Michelle's push for "healthy" food in the schools, and Bloomberg's decree for limits on soda pop & candies....they want our children to be healthy enough to get maimed and killed in their endless wars like good little subjects! We're STILL fighting the SAME Crown we fought in 1775....The elite STILL feel they OWN YOU !
- Gerald Celente -
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