'RFID Chips and FEMA Camps for ALL!' [Nick Begich 2005]

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We should all be concerned that Dr. Nick Begich made this video in 2005 and every thing he mentioned is now happening or being suggested in 2011. This Doctor uses research based on fact, logic and common sense to accurately predict what is to come for all humanity so please pay attention to what he say and warns of.

After 10 years it is clear that society was never meant to return to post 9-11 conditions but to instead suffer a sustained atmosphere of fear and uncertainty to ensure that the population will readily accept any and all forms of so-called security measures the government claims is needed to keep us safe.

Based on the technological array of gadgets and tracking devices that has been steadily rolled out by the government since 9-11 such as, forced EZ pass, airport scanners, highway scanners, facial recognition, license plate scanners, British style surveillance cameras in Manhattan, and social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter meant to collect data and spread propaganda to steer political movements and destabilize foreign governments.

It has become blatantly obvious that a New World Order is in the making and we are all bearing witness as it is being unfurled before our eyes. Passports have been micro chipped for years now and recently a new enhanced driver license has been released with secret security measures accorded to the government which I suspect the RFID chip is among them.

Being that the news media has been hyping how easy it is for thieves to steal credit card information while in someone's pocket along with the subtle suggestions in movies that RFID chips are a great way to keep society safe and prevent identity theft, one can conclude with certainty that the RFID implants are the next phase of tracking to be forced down the throats of the fear induced American people.

If people fall for the RFID chip implant they will be accepting a world where every purchase they make and everywhere they go is tracked and monitored by a war mongering government that sees human beings as expendable cattle that must be controlled or slaughtered or what suits the agendas of the Elite at that particular moment in time. Truths such as the ones mentioned here are very hard for the human mind to imagine but my statements are based on fact that you can all see and feel in your daily lives.

If people would simple look at the facts and trust their instincts and common sense than all will become clear as day and the enemy of man will have no place to hide from justice. He will be unmasked by the false cloak of goodness he likes to wrap himself in as he spread misery and destruction across the earth.

Please wake up people, the children of tomorrow depend on us to be smart, brave and strong NOW...so they might enjoy happiness and a life free from tyranny, servitude and death.
Thank you all and God Bless: Nycresistance

--FEMA To Mobilize For "Mass Fatality Planning"
--FDA Approves Sale of Pills With RFID Microchip
--Nestlé 'We Will Find You' BIG BROTHER Campaign
--"Sweden aims to be cashless society -- With just 3% of all financial transactions involving cash, country moves to eliminate physical legal tender"
nano machines through flu shot change DNA. making zombies/immortal people they also sell it based on the tree of life/vainity. What would make a man grind his teeth and seek death but not find it?.............immortality. How can a person not be saved...........The GOD of mercy will save every human, but a non human ???, changed dna no he does not love the corrupt. I believe this is the mark of the beast. Changed DNA......becareful out there, love my sisters and bros all day.
- Gerald Celente -

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