Near Earth Asteroids Dangers with Daniel Durda

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Near Earth Object Program are involved in identifying objects that are a potential threat to our planet. The asteroid Apophis which passes close to Earth in 2029 will be closely watched, as on its "resonant return" in 2036, there is a slim chance it could impact Earth. With enough warning, we could actually nudge an asteroid out of our path, he said, noting that one possible method is using a "gravity tracker," which would hover near the surface of the object, and alter its course. Near-Earth meteoroids Near-Earth meteoroids are smaller near-Earth asteroids having an estimated diameter less than 50 meters. They are listed as asteroids on most asteroid tables. The JPL Small-Body Database lists 1349 near Earth asteroids with an absolute magnitude (H) dimmer than 25 (roughly 50 meters in diameter). The smallest known near-Earth meteoroid is 2008 TS26 with an absolute magnitude of 33 and estimated size of only 1 meter. Near-Earth asteroids WISE Finds Fewer Asteroids near Earth.ogv There are significantly fewer near-Earth asteroids in the mid-size range than previously thought. These are objects of 50 meters or more in diameter in a near-Earth orbit without the tail or coma of a comet. As of May 2012, 8880 near-Earth asteroids are known, ranging in size from 1 meter up to 32 kilometers (1036 Ganymed). The number of near-Earth asteroids over one kilometer in diameter is estimated to be about 981. The composition of near-Earth asteroids is comparable to that of asteroids from ...

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