Can Science Find The Soul?

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Has science verified the ghost but falsified the machine?Music:1.) Art of Survival -Ryan Taubert: Puma Punku -Two Steps From Hell: Take Down -Fires Earth Music: Discovery -Marc Streitenfeld (Prometheus soundtrack) Rise From the Ashes -Fired Earth The Lances of Light: exploratory starship passes through a wormhole to a distant part of the universe. There it stumbles upon a star system, which appears to have been mysteriously engineered. The ship crashes, but the crew survives.Four millennia later, their descendants have formed feudal societies and the knowledge of the "Heavenly Ship" has been relegated to myth. During a battle, a strange parchment and a mysterious artifact are found inside an enemy fortress, providing tantalizing hints at the truth behind the legend of the Heavenly Ship and its magical weapons, the Lances of Light.A group of wizards manipulating the enemy forces from the shadows are hell bent on recovering the mysterious artifact and gaining control of the Lances of Light. In a race against time, a team is sent to stop them.Alaris: The Lances of Light is the first book of five.-----------------------------References: 1.) Stuart Kauffman -Mind In The Poised Realm: Experimental Studies on a Single Microtubule (Google Workshop on Quantum Biology): 3.) Stuart Hameroff Beyond Belief 2006: Part 1: 2: The Experiment That Debunked Materialism: Space Is An Illusion!:

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