Sumerian Tales, Nibiru & Sitchin

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The webmaster of Sitchin's website, Erik Poltorak joined the show. He discussed stories from ancient Sumerian tablets, which were copied, borrowed, and reinterpreted across cultures, including being used in the Bible. For instance, the Sumerians described "Adamu" as the first man, created by Enki (a ruler from Nibiru or Planet X). There is evidence that our solar system has been bombarded by Nibiru's many passages through it, Poltarak stated. Biography: Erik was intrigued by Sitchin's perspective that the key to humanity's past lies in ancient Mesopotamia, particularly the written descriptions of extraterrestrial "gods."Astonishingly, much of the Old Testament seems to be derived from the tales of these Sumerians! Wikipedia Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, 1920 -- October 9, 2010) was an Azerbaijani-born American author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth's own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this view. Sitchin's books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages. Similarly to earlier authors such as Immanuel Velikovsky and Erich von Dniken, Sitchin advocated hypotheses in which ...

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