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South Park: Honey Boo Boo (Raising The Bar)


  • KiltedKiller#

    KiltedKiller October 19, 2012 11:31:03 PM CEST

    Never Heard of this till Southpark !!
    Waow!! That is sad but funny at same time !

    Seriously as soon some stupid celeb is in the papers for wrong reasons Ie! cheating on ,,, taking drugs,,( Shagging ) /Obesity ? it suddenly becomes popular to the young masses for all the wrong reasons !!! That's why you are shown it by these goons !
    Does any 1 remmeber that guy with a pooo tash?? Yeah Hitler !

    From the shores of jersey ! as if they fucking mugs weren't Bad enough lol NOOOOOOooooooo
    Then Came The Fanny's From Geordie shore .. Now its the fucking valleys ! where ppl don't have any morales or repect 4 themeslves or any1 ...

    But yet N Kunt Seems 2 give a fuck. !!

    Looks Like History is on track 2 fail again ! lol!

    the older generations didn't give a fuck because they where poor and missinformed by the same ppl 2 this day !!!1 rather be told what 2 do ! Other Than be a self informed realist individual,,, Up 2 D8 with Facts on the global banking elite.. ( PEEDO FUCK's ) these ppl let Your kids and grand kids be injected with a drug there being told will stop all these diseases but yet it is setting you up for the last bit of human self thinking individuals

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