SBT - Psychic Investigator, Dixie Yeterian

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Classic TV programme \'Strange But True\' looks at Dixie Yeterian and the case that almost caused her death.

Excerpt from Dixie’s “about me” page:

“I’m best known for my work with law enforcement. If you think it would be “cool” to be a psychic detective: first, I ask you to imagine having to feel all of the suffering of the victims. Then, I will tell you that you are going to do it for free. Law enforcement work (if you’re lucky) pays your expenses and little or nothing more. Even when I was solicited by the families of the victims, I could never bring myself to command more than my expenses in recompense. I believed deeply that my gift must be offered to humanity, and my participation in law enforcement work was the predominant way in which I expressed this belief. However, if you watched the documentary, you understand why I no longer make myself available to this work. You know that because of this work, I was shot, pistol-whipped, stabbed, and left for dead by a paid hit man hired by someone who was threatened by my work.

However, believe it or not….I consider the aforementioned event in my life to have been an incredible blessing (click on “Teachings: What I Know Now”). During the long recuperation from my injuries, I came to realize that my teachings had previously been intended to affirm the value of our intuitive beings. Now, I realized that I must teach about our need to come into alignment with our spiritual beings. I came out of my coma with a powerful realization that my life was continuing, not so that I could teach people to accept their intuitive selves, but to reunite with their spiritual selves.

As a result of this “terrible experience”, I have a closer relationship with guidance and a true Knowing of the realities of Spirit that goes far beyond the beliefs and suppositions I previously held. I also have an absolute requirement to share the Knowledge that flows through me. I have been through the portals. I now deeply know so much….and I am compelled by my soul to share this Knowing with you.”


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