Secret Societies & Spy Wires

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Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren discussed secret societies and spy recordings. He shared the story of his grandfather's serendipitous discovery of a handbook of secret society rituals which was passed down in his family to him. Warren called the book a "prized possession" and announced that he'd posted scanned pages from this book at his website in the hopes that visitors could help decipher their meaning. Later, Warren talked about a series of secret spy recordings which he'd received from a contact who had inherited them from her late grandfather. The recordings were taped via a watch that acted as a microphone which transmitted the information onto a tiny wire about the size of a human hair. Warren explained that he found a man who restored the spy watch and allowed for the transference of some of these recordings. The conversations on the spy wire, Warren said, talked about the development of a secret aircraft in France.

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