The Minden Ammo Bunker and the ISS-33 Code

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This video continues the NWO mega ritual of time manipulation saga that leads to 12-21-12 and start of ritual 9.

In this report, the recent Minden, LA Bunker explosion is discussed as are advanced tungsten space rods or what are commonly called, "Rods from God." Kinetic energy weapons. Small nuclear bombs, but without the radiation.

Perfect bunker busters for penetrating DUMB sites and or secret labs and secret projects and most of all, they look like a meteor because of the immense speeds achieved while coming in from outer space and the space platform satellite.

While I did not discuss the origin of these rods, I suspect that either some nation state is attacking American sties in a tit for tat type of quiet war of retaliation for similar strikes in Russia and or China or......

It is also possible that rogue elements within our own govt and military have access to such secret weapons and have tested them to show they have full control. Any number of scenarios are possible, but as for me, I think it could be a secret strike in retaliation from Russia or some nation yet known to us.

While I doubt we will ever know the truth, I concern myself with the events that the ISS-33 is currently involved in and that brings up the Falcon 9 Dragon space craft.

The Falcon 9 Dragon space craft returns from the ISS-33 on 10-28-12 with a splash down in the Pacific near Southern California the same day. The major returning cargo will be over 1200 lbs of bio science experiments.and perhaps astronauts in secret if anything goes wrong with the ISS-33, International Space Station, that would require it to be abandoned.

The code indicates the date of 10-30 as the date and 33 as in the ISS-33 or could be a new numbering system used in the ritual code. I lean more towards a date and number of 33 for the ISS. It gives us a start date and a possible end date.

With no way to know for certain in advance, will will have to see what happens, but it wont be long now.

I do not in any way support the idea or notion that a UFO crashed and is being covered up by the military. In fact, the more UFO propaganda that can be generated will do more to prevent a better logical assessment of the blast site being reported as the bunker that blew up..

While the deception of the actual bunker site has not been shown to us, it could be a secret DUMB that was attacked and if it was an attack on a secret DUMB bunker, then affirming its existence would not be something the govt would want to reveal because of what was in it and this could explain why they concocted a blast area where it is obvious to me that only general sized explosives were used in the area shown to create the damage shown to us.

What witnesses report seeing would leave a blast effect with a bigger radius of damage and it would be a larger area than shown to us. Keep in mind that the same day of the Minden explosion, later that morning there were 10-11 large explosions and this I feel was the preparation of the blast area shown to us.

If nothing more, this is a good mystery, for in the Minden event was the coded date and item being sacrificed, the ISS-33. This prompted my review of the Commander Suni Williams which led to my discovery of her 113 coding..

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Let's hope we can stir the waters on this one.


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Space rods-Space-launched darts that strike like meteors

Upon impact, the rod would be capable of producing all the effects of an earth-penetrating nuclear weapon, without any of the radioactive fallout. This type of weapon relies on kinetic energy, rather than high-explosives, to generate destructive force (as do smart spears, another weapon system.

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