Developing Psychic Abilities with Joshua P. Warren

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Last hour guest, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared ways in which people can develop psychic abilities. As a way of getting started, he described how to become aware of one's own energy or electrostatic field: First rub your palms together until they're warm, then put your hands together as close as they can be without touching. Then move your palms about six inches apart, then back close together without touching. Repeat this process until you begin to feel a kind of energy flow between your hands. For more, see this related article, Are You Telekinetic? Warren also shared a technique to open up your "third eye" using a wand or wooden stick. The field of psychics is interesting, but it has been criticized many times over the years. Many have said that psychics are frauds who want to fool other people into thinking that they are the "real deal." Still, these psychics have seen a surge in popularity over the years, and are a usual fixture in movies and television shows. These individuals have also formed networks where they offer their services to other people. But what abilities do they have in the first place? There are a lot of Psychic Abilities, or those that are connected to extrasensory perception. This article lists some of them. One of the most popular Psychic Abilities, telekinesis, is the ability to move objects with one's mind. It is also known as psychokinesis, and can involve breaking, moving, lifting, and controlling items of various sizes. Nina ...

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