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2012 is a significant year from an historical and astronomical perspective. According to astronomers the Poles of our Sun will reverse towards the end of this year. Under the right conditions this could have a serious knock-out effect on Earth. A sudden twist in the orientation of the Sun's poles could also reverse the Earth's poles as well, especially with a weakening magnetic field such as ours.

The Earth is like a giant molten iron ball spinning through space, creating a strong electromagnetic field around it. The magma tides of molten iron are continually shifting within the Earth causing fluctuations in its magnetic field. Like a free-floating gyroscope, it can be persuaded to flip sides. In fact there are two forms of polar flip. The first is simply a change in the orientation of the Poles i.e. the North Pole would move to the south and vice-versa. The second is when the Poles reverse and the entire planet flips over at the same time.

In the first type of polar reversal that may occur very soon, the effects on the environment would be serious, but manageable. The ocean currents would reverse, ice-caps melt, and winds and precipitation levels alter drastically. However, if the second type of polar reversal were to occur, i.e. the entire the planet flips over as well as the Poles, there would be additional energy shifts causing tectonic plates to move. This would result in devastating earthquakes and considerable volcanic activity. The impact to Earth would be similar to a major meteorite impact, causing mass extinctions of species that marked the end of the age of the dinosaurs.

New Book Reveals How We'll Survive 2012 and Beyond

Are you an individual that follows Nostradamus predictions or even the Mayans? Coming to the scene via Shanti Publishing is "Pyramid Rising -- It Isn't the End of the World! How We'll Survive 2012 and Beyond"

Youtube Exclusive --October 17, 2012 -- Nostradamus was one of the greatest prophets of all times. He is noted for having made predictions concerning wars, earthquakes and even the deaths of high profile people. Nostradamus has even predicted the world coming to an end in 2012. Should you believe his predictions? What about 2012? "Pyramid Rising -- It Isn't the End of the World. How We'll Survive 2012 and Beyond".

Anyone can flip on the television, look on the internet and even in magazines, one of the most discussed stories is about "The End of the World". When asked why he wrote "Pyramid Rising", Author Royer stated "Because of my general interests in pyramids and their beneficial effects on people, plants and earth. However, after discovering a direct correlation between these 'grid" locations being turned off and recent uptick in earthquakes, I decided to investigate further".

Pyramid Rising teaches the reader that the earth is just like the human body, with energy lines and meridians in many places which can be either a state of harmony (health) or disharmony(disease), both of which the pyramids have the direct ability to impact. Furthermore, they will learn of the beneficial effects that "Pyramid Power" has on plants, animals, humans and the environment immediately making it possible to have a better life with the knowledge of pyramid power or pyramid energy.

Pyramid Rising is a guide that takes its reader on a journey beginning by reviving the past. It has been said if we don't learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat. Author Royer provides very detailed information as to why and how the constructions of pyramids have saved the planet in our ancient past and will do so again in the immediate future.

Author Royer proceeds beyond looking at the past and reveals how to survive the future. Just when you think he is finished, the last chapter focuses on a planetary acupuncture. Pyramid Rising is available on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Pyramid-Rising~It-Survive-Beyond-ebook/dp/B009JITWGW .

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