A Message to Humanity 2012 & The Cosmic Jump into A New Era!

From the old world into the new.
- Zero Point Energy

Break free from this corrupt system of the illuminati which is money, money is how they control the whole world, like a futuristic Monopoly board game that these hand few individuals play from. Disclosure will happen, the suppression of free energy technologys and the suppression of all natural cures for every single cancer and disease will be released to the public. The pharmaceutical companies know about natural cures and keep them secret for there own benefit just like powerful oil companys do with free energy. So why would they do this? Because there is no profit from these technology, only a benefit to the human population. It would make every single person in the world self sufficient in every single way imaginable. The illuminati have known this for hundreds of years, they purposely kept it secret so they could try controling us. To keep the human race blinded and asleep. But when the internet came out it brought the world together in a way that could free us from the secrecy around these technologys, and is as you read this right now. Every second of everyday that passes, disclosure gets closer. The illuminati know this and are very scared of it happenning. They know we are not alone in the universe, and have always known. The human race is connected to extraterrestials in so many ways, all the clues are in our D.N.A.

The end to the illuminati is so very near, Disclosure is among us ALL!

Peace, Joy, Love, & Light to ALL!

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