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Donald Trump Dropping A Barack Obama Bombshell This Week Stay Tuned


Donald Trump Dropping A Barack Obama Bombshell This Week Stay Tuned With the third and final presidential debate set to take place later Monday, self-promoter-extraordinaire and longtime Obama antagonist Donald Trump made an early morning appearance on "Fox and Friends," claiming he had "something very, very big" to reveal concerning the president.Naturally, Mr. Trump would not give any hints as to what this supposed bombshell might be. He only said that he would make an announcement about it sometime soon, "probably on Wednesday."

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  • Jordee#

    Jordee October 31, 2012 2:57:13 AM CET

    Donald Trump’s Obama ‘Announcement’: If He Releases His College and Passport Records, ‘I Will Give to a Charity of His Choice’
    Source: http://www.celebuzz.com/2012-10-24/donald-trumps-obama-announcement-if-h...
    That is because Donald knows what Obama's passport data already says. Obama was in the United States as a Foreign exchange student. Which begs the point. Which is it? Was he really an American citizen? Or did Obama commit fraud claiming to be an Indonesian citizen to get into the colleges he went to? As Trump already knows, the passport records will prove the later. Either way, Obama is a fraud.

  • Almahdi20#

    Almahdi20 October 25, 2012 3:31:10 AM CEST

    Another dud from Donald Duck!

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