Roage ~ 2012.10.13 ~ Ø Guard

  • Uploaded by Deckard666 on Oct 24, 2012
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The Apocalypse is upon us and the end of "civilization" as we know it is about to commence ushering in a New World Order. Before everyone goes apeshit it may be helpful to know what all this means before we start crapping in our hands and throwing it. There is no need for panic or fear here as a little knowledge goes a long way.

At 1:00 PM 10/16/2012, I meet with high level agents of the United States Treasury who speak for the "secured party" and agents of the Internal Revenue Service. Agents of the FBI and local Round Rock Police will be in attendance to ensure proper comportment and protection of all parties to the meeting. This will be when the agents of fiction either provide remedy, confirm lawful consensual authority or they confirm a state of non-consensual lawlessness. Many eyes are on this meeting.

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