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REAL UFOS Filmed Making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England 07/27/10

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  • uploaded: Oct 25, 2012
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  • Imagocentric#

    Imagocentric October 26, 2012 10:27:58 PM CEST

    One of the worst fakes I've ever seen! The things people will do for attention huh... you're an insult to what is supposedly and intelligent race!! Total fail

  • Twenny12#

    Twenny12 October 26, 2012 1:59:20 PM CEST

    Strange, that not one of those cars driving by, noticed a lot of bright lights in the sky and stopped to investigate, they simply kept on driving! Hey ho!

    Further more whoever filmed it remained hidden and made no attempt to get ever closer, and I mean right up close to see the crop circle being made, and get a serious good look at what the lights actually were. just an observation.

  • Petterste#

    Petterste October 26, 2012 9:21:02 AM CEST

    very lame

  • ricardomichael#

    ricardomichael October 26, 2012 1:06:08 AM CEST

    Very good!

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