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★ Quantum technology and nonlocal devices.

Here is the future as I wrote in my book in 1992.
As we become a paperless society there will be no
need for office buildings, and those that exist
will become condominiums for the growing population.
Your mobile phone is likely to become your central
processing unit for all communication and entertainment.

Nonlocal devices can be devices that use cloud storage
and usage, no need for hard drives or programs. And
nonlocal devices can be nonlocal communication devices,
by the use of quantum entanglement. Which is a condition
where in the separated parts of the same quantum system,
each of the parts can only be described by referencing
the state of the other parts. They are the same system
no matter how far apart they are. This is nonlocality,
or no location. Distance between the separated parts
do not exist, they still are just one system. These
system parts can be out of speed-of-light concact and
still have instantaneous communication.

An example would be a phone conversation to Mars. There
would be no 15 minute delay time, the conversation to
Mars would be as a phone call down the street. Or this
phone call could as well be to the other side of the
universe. Where the wait time for the speed of light to
travel to the other side of the universe would take 15
billion years or more. As, Hi mom how are you doing? 30
billion years later, I'm doing OK and You? Using nonlocal
devices you would talk as if they were next door. If there
are higher intelligent being (and surely there are) this
is the form of communication they use. This is likely the
reason why there is no signals from other civilizations,
and why SETI has not found any signals. We are not using
the right communication devices to hear them. There might
well be as many or more phone calls around the universe
as are transatlantic calls on earth.

The nonlocality of interconnective devices will lead to
data immersion. Where you are places in a cocoon of data.
Where your thoughts, eye movements and actions give data.
With your Virtual Reality glasses on, as you walk throuh
the world, maps will pop up to show you which train to take.
Where you think or say a name to make a phone call or to
activate anything. Everyone you meet will have an ID for
you to see on screen in a FaceBook world. In otherwords
you will be bathed in information. You only need to ask or
think it to get the answer. The next generation with this
technology will need to be able to process far greater
waves of information on a continuous basis. Our generation
is ill equipped to handle such a leap of technology.

In devices the programes will be of a self programming
nature. If it needs to adapt, it will change to that need.
Adapting by restructuring bits and pieces of code as needed
from the internet etc. (or possibly the galactic network as
we will see later). High quality collective outcome can be
achieved by trivial individual effort. A new balance can
emerge in this networked society. With the world networked
the computational ability is endless. If we are able to
connect to the glactic network, the computational ability
would be astronomical.

Einstein could not get his head around nonlocality, and
he along with Rosen and Podolsky wrote a famous paper come
to be known as the EPR paper. They argued that nonlocality
requires a faster than light connection that was in conflict
with relativity, but nonlocality has been demonstrated in
many quantum experiments.

What if your personal computer could talk to all the other
computers no matter where they are. Then the computational
power is not just on our planet, but may connect to all
planets that use the same technology. Just imagine you turn
on your new quantum laptop computer and you are instantly
connected to all known facts in the universe which is right
in your hands. Coupled with cyborg technology with a quantum
interface, you then become a part of the whole network and
experience complete data emersion. The surprising thing is,
none of this is new, in fact I wrote about this 20 years ago,
but it is only now that we can start to work on this technology.
Ideas are faster than reality. The future is here, and now you

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