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Forget David Icke! This guy is the real deal! ;) (the combat alien does it for me)


http://endtimes23.com/ This week The Informer reveals global second sun nemesis sightings esculate as the system nibiru comes closer to the inner solar system and earth plus global killoff of animal and fish species continues ,this is of fundamental importance for all mankind could the human race face a similar fate and start dying on mass also chem_trail are causing serious illnesses and why did george w bush purchase 90.000 acres of land in paraguay and more video footage from somewhere in the uk timeline mon 29th oct 2012
All this weeks news links can be found on my website http://endtimes23.com/ just click on the link and goto the top lefthand corner of the opening page and click on informer news links you will find all this weeks links at the top of the page under this weeks titled video

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  • ninjaroy#

    ninjaroy November 27, 2012 12:23:39 AM CET

    This fatalistic dream of theirs, where nothing is ever really achieved, destroys them, yet they beg and fight to feed us with “It”….remarkable isn’t it? --The consistency of the Machine.


    archon 8th level/ deep web

  • marthadog#

    marthadog November 24, 2012 3:28:39 AM CET

    Q1. 01. draw a 2 dimensional diagram of our solar system. then draw Niburu outside the path of earths orbit around the sun, and on the opposite side of the sun from the earth , then imagine the annual orbit of the earth and study the relationship between the sun and Niburu relative to the earths position in each season. then write a short paragraph (100words approx), explaining how Niburu can remain behind the sun continually from the perspective of earths view for:
    (a) the past 3 months. [15points]
    (b) the past 4 years. [30,000,000points]

    no, unless it too is orbiting our sun, opposite to and at the same speed as earth, in which case it's unlikely to collide with earth anytime soon.
    but yes we do need investigations into many of the subjects you mentioned, and yes our skies are full of creatures and beings that we know nothing about yet. not to mention the suited beings here on the ground that we know plenty about who are filling our skies with chemicals, something that most of us already subscribe to in some way or another. we are all part of the process so lets start changing it ;) thanks for vid.

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