FACEBOOK : you are confused with the whole "new age" concept... and "think" many are deceived this and that...Advice you to listen to this video :"Is The New Age Movement an Illuminati Conspiracy? " RECUERDEN QUIENES SOMOS spirit science spirit world love peace respect understand determination prosperity safe secure trust know yourself innerknowing truth spirituality christianity islam hinduism druid occult religion jesus alien et e.t galactic cosmos cosmic universal sananda new age collaboration unity unified consciousness conscience dreams astral dimensions dimension sublevel ego heart mind obe nde energy field knowing know who am I earth starseed indigo crystal 144 enlightenment ascension ascended multi ufo starship beamship timeship scoutship lightship nov oct 2012 2013 shift gregg braden matrix remember family star stars sirian pleiadian vegan arcturian tau cetian alfa centaruian andromenda lyrian telosian ummit angels angelic realm realms heaven vibration bashar darryl anka contact contactee gangnam style gandalf

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