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The Scottish Key - The First Film On The Origins Of Freemasonry (1h

The Scottish key

Discover for the first time the true genesis of Freemasonry. This audiovisual documentary unveils the birth of this movement.

Who created it? Why did men invent this mysterious club? This investigation plunges us into an exciting adventure. As of yet unrevealed documents, and astonishing testimonies, shed new light on a little known history.

“The Scottish Key”, the first film on the origins of freemasonry!

The Scottish Key An Investigation into the Origins of Freemasonry:

An enigmatic and mysterious topic, subject to allegations and fantasies of all sorts. Spread across the globe, this discrete and mysterious association has been a source of curiosity, fascination and suspicion for over 300 years. Today Freemasonry gathers several millions of people throughout the world.

Protected from the outside world, from which they isolate themselves for the length of an evening, freemasons meet in lodges and there develop a peculiar spirituality. How was this movement born? Are its origins veiled in secrecy? Even amidst its own members, few know the actual beginnings of Freemasonry. The lodges themselves have forgotten from whence they came.

For the first time, based on the most recent findings, a critical documentary investigates the question of the origins of Freemasonry. What are its links with the Knights Templar? Are they the descendants of stone masons from the Middle Ages? How did the first lodges come to be? Take an esoteric road of unsolved mysteries, starting in England in the 18th century.

Discover the events that led to the creation of the Grand Lodge of London in 1717. Ascertain the true ambitions of the men who launched this incredible adventure, and how the most intriguing fraternal society of modern times was born. Explore the centuries old stone mason lodges and their ties to the birth of Freemasonry in London.

See how these men were inspired by their secular rites such as the mason’s word and the art of memory. Find out the roots of Freemasonry in Scotland, and the real influence of the Middle Ages.

Discover the Scottish Key.

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