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Ancient Advanced Pre 10,000 b.c civilization


this video comes with a personal message from daniel;THIS VIDEO HAS HIT A BIG NERVE WITH YOUTUBE BECAUSE SINCE UPLOADING THIS SPECIFIC ONE.. Youtube has BANNED ME FROM SENDING EMAILS / MESSAGES ON THIS ACCOUNT.. PLEASE SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND IT'S CONTENTS AROUND VIRALLY!! IF YOU WANNA CHAT, MAIL ME AND THEN I CAN REPLY.. CHEERS ALL..This is SINGULATRUM The ULTIMATE SERIES FOR AWARENESS RAISING.. This AMAZING VIDEO shows MANY OF THE RUINS of the Civilization of the ANCIENTS that were lost in THE NOW EASILY PROVEN GREAT FLOOD Around 10,000 to 15,000 Years ago.. The ruins stretch the entire GLOBE and even beyond onto the surface of mars/the moon ect!This Part shows Underwater structures, Roads, Statues, Temples, Artifacts, Writing plus Giant Cities and pyramids off the coast of Cuba.. Alexandria and India... it covers the immense secret pyramids of China and the GREAT NEWLY DISCOVERED EUROPEAN pyramids of BOSNIA... THE ANCIENT PYRAMID ARRAY STETCHES THE GLOBE AND IS HIGHLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY BASED ON VORTEX ENERGY... SOLVING ALSO THE MYSTERY of The Bermuda triangle and just WHY the OIL SPILL FALSE FLAG WAS PURPOSELY DONE in the Location it was.. as to try to HIDE MANKINDS TRUE ORIGINS!!Please SHARE this PART FAR AND WIDE, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TRUE HISTORY, PLEASE RE-UPLOAD AND GET THE INFORMATION OUT THERE, ENJOY!( Awaken To Your Multidimensional SELF )MUSIC USED IN THIS PART IS from the Movie Armageddon and the songs used are:-Asteroid Chase and The Shuttle Crashhttp://www.youtube.com/user/DanielODoriaTo Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty..AWAKENING The masses to The Divine Within Themselves!! BE LOVE

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  • Temps13#

    Temps13 November 6, 2012 6:33:32 AM CET

    termite knows it all..theres over 200 underwater ruins in the med alone that disprove the official version of history
    obviously there was an advanced civilization pre dating 10,500 bc DUH

  • Termite#

    Termite November 2, 2012 8:52:56 AM CET

    I have been to this place. It is not pre 10,000 bc. it is less than 1000 years old.

  • Spikey#

    Spikey November 1, 2012 3:50:21 PM CET

    Nice one, thanks.

    Just about sums up everything i have been trying to get across to others in forums all over the place.

    This calamity occurred due to a worldwide pounding from meteoric and cometary bombardment from space 13K-14K YA.

    The proof is being found all over the world in the form of impact sites (North and central America seems to have been the initial impact zones, but just about everywhere was hit by multiple impacts) also found is a worldwide layer of ash and carbon deposits at the same depth everywhere, and also micro-spherules formed whenb super heated rock is blasted into the skies and cools as tiny glass beads...these only form when an impact from space occurs.

    As well as glass beads and burning deposits from the impact, also being found around the world, in the same evidentiary layers are tiny, heat and pressure created nano-diamonds...these too only form as a result of extreme heat and pressure created when a meteorite or comet remnant slams into the Earth at many thousands of MPH.

    All of this proof of a civilisation ending series of impacts points to a time period that agrees with many worldwide cultural myths and legends (over 400 separate cultures have the same or very similar legends of this catastrophic event) and that it also coincides with the time given for the 'biblical flood'...around 13,000 - 15,000 YA.

    I don't think the PTB are keeping all of this OBVIOUS information hidden because they are particularly worried about re-writing history as such, but more so because they know these events are of a cyclic nature...and they know it's going to happen to the Earth again...soon.

    I feel the secret has been hidden for the majority of humanity for one reason only...to enable our species to work and progress to reach a technological point in our development which is of a level sufficient to preserve our species and our knowledge and heritage when this happens again.

    They felt it necessary to create conflict between nation throughout history, to increase innovation (war drives innovation and discovery) as quickly as possible. Then we had competition between nations, then the political and religious divide to create similar drives for improvement, then cold wars, actual world wars and so on. I suppose the wisdom at the time, was that if we were aware that the majority of humanity would simply be left to die or fend for itself during the next calamity, we would not strive to improve ourselves and our technologies.

    If were ignorant, and feel threatened not by a calamity we cannot escape, but by a 'superior foreign nation', we would work to defend ourselves.

    Well...we are now at a point where nations are building massive underground complexes for the elites, for the culture and art history, for scientists and for selfish officials...not generally for the ordinary people, except perhaps for Russia who are building many thousands of underground shelters for it's people. We also have Arctic seedbanks buried into the side of ice covered mountains to store every kind of plant seed we can lay our hands on...isn't it obvious what is going on?

    We also are at a stage where we can send satellites into space, and onto other planets, that could hold many millions of human DNA samples collected fron people during routine surgeries, from interactions with police, from soldiers serving in the armed forces...these samples could be preserved indefinitely along with the technologies and information required by the relatively few survivors to enrich the gene pool later.

    Ever heard of 'The Dark Knight satellite', mysteriously discovered during the Apollo era?

    It's an unknown satellite, discovered to be a very large artificial satellite placed into a stable orbit by persons unknown, at an unknown time...but certainly a very long time ago.

    My contention is that this 'Dark Knight' satellite was indeed a remnant from a previous Earth, high technology civilisation, who were endevouring to preserve their own genetic and cultural heritage prior to the expected calamity from space that wiped their existence away to almost nothing...i believe it is their relics that are being now discovered below the waves, around ancient coastlines spanning the entire globe.

    TPTB should have been upfront and honest with us centuries, perhaps even millennia ago...we could have prepared for everybody instead of just a relative few, if we had been given aeons to build defenses and store supplies and means of supporting ourselves.

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