Craziest 2012 Halloween Scare/Prank Trick Ever!

  • Uploaded by Beforealt on Nov 1, 2012
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(Please Share and Like) My favorite scare, prank, trick! If you want to learn fun tricks, pranks, bar bets and scams perfect for amazing friends (or girls) anytime, anywhere check out our book!: (This book is "wife" approved and is good, clean fun for all. The title is a bit of a play on words and not to be confused with seduction books! Also, since a few people inquired, no, the head drop illusion is not in the book. Don't lose your head over it.;))This video: Magician Rich Ferguson doing a Halloween head drop trick on the streets of his home town San Luis Obispo. During the day, this is a great illusion, but during night and in a more vulnerable setting, this freaks people out BIG TIME! Having way too much fun this season with pranks and street magic! Watch out, we are coming for you;)Good luck with whatever costume or prank you pull this year! This is my personal favorite yet! They do say "trick or treat?" I say TRICK!Check out more at for exclusive private party or corporate event entertainment booking, fun videos and more tricks.Follow Rich on Twitter: to Cyril for the inspiration for this head drop illusion. As far as we know, this is the best version to date since it can be seen from multiple angles, legs and arms are free... among other technical improvements. Please do not confuse this illusion with the somewhat popular prank/gag of shoving your jacket up via different methods. Rich does not shove his jacket up during this illusion/prank:)For those who keep asking what city (San Luis Obispo) this is, enjoy a video from Rich's wife Traci:

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