Proof Curiosity rover is on earth - Rodent walks on set

  • Uploaded by Muchtyman on Nov 2, 2012
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A follow up to my video i uploaded yesterday concerning alien guinea pigs on mars.
I know its far fetched, but so are a lot of things. I don't think its a rock or part of the rover, but it seems many are programmed that way (to think).

This video shows the position in the image more clearly as well as having different filters applied to bring out the detail more clearly.
Insults will be deleted, be it towards me or others.

I see what a lot of others see...a rodent of sorts. If you show the image to anyone and ask them where it was taken i can assure you 90% will say its a guinea pig or rodent and say its from on earth. Please read some of the comments in my previous video, there are some very interesting ideas floating about.

Is it really that hard for you to believe your government could have lied to you? Its not like they havent done so in the past. Trillions of dollars, disappeared into someones pocket...not a corporation, a person...who?


Images courtesy of NASA


Have a look, its stupid funny :)

Prueba rover Curiosity está en la tierra ... MUST SEE!
دليل روفر الفضول على وجه الأرض ... يجب أن نرى!
Доказательство Curiosity Rover на земле ... MUST SEE!

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