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SECRET SPACE PROGRAM - NEW INTELThursday, 25 October 2012 10:27Written by Kerry CassidyA CONVERSATION WITH THE WAY ABOVE TOP SECRET NSA WHISTLEBLOWER The following was sent to me from a Source who is in touch with the NSA Whistleblower. This is way above top secret. The caveat is whether this is an "orchestrated leak" for purposes unknown.This is the same guy who talked about the Colorado fires being used to camoflage the movement of large equipment. I cannot confirm or verify the following other than to say that my Source (*D) is fully trusted. The NSA Whistleblower is a long time contact of his. Whether he is being used and manipulated (or they both are) I do not know. Regardless this is highly interesting intel that if true (and at least some of the points made have been substantiated by other testimony) then this is real insight into what the Secret Space Program is currently involved in....SEE KERRY'S BLOG FOR MORE INFO AND THE WRITTEN TRANSCRIPThttp://projectcamelot.orgGet the truth out.

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