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This is just a little motion graphics video I put together to get people excited about the election. I was not hired or paid to create this. All music credit goes to the amazingly talented people at AudioMachine.com.If you care to see any of my non-political music video work, visit DirectorChrisCorrado.com.In response to the many questions about what software I used to make this:News clips were ripped using WonderShare's "AllMyTube," animation was created in Adobe After Effects (with some Photoshop, particularly for the bar graphs), and the finished animated segments were linked together in Final Cut Pro 7, where I also did all the sound and music editing.

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  • Lilphilog#

    Lilphilog November 5, 2012 9:09:58 PM CET

    Dude you and this video is full of shit...

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