North Polar Mirage of the Sun from Hollow Earth

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Nov 5, 2012
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(Start listening at 3min 20sec.) ... All the early polar explorers spoke of the mirage of the sun from the north pole. These were not novices in their craft of knowing their exact location and direction from nothing more than the position of the stars in the sky. So when they arrived at the pole and found the stars and even the sun were out of their place, this caused them a bit of anxiety. Chinese researchers, like the explorers of old, were a little bit confused by the position of the sun on the horizon. They had in fact gone to this location to be in perfect dark. Much to their surprise, there was a source of light emanating from the north. What else could this be other than the light of our inner sun?! Surely there will be those that speak of refraction around the earth's curvature. Don't be lured in by the siren song of the so called academians and "scientists". These, my friends, are nothing more than a false priesthood. Listen instead to the inner vibrations of your heart. Silence the mind of this personality. Personality is nothing more than society's lie about who you are. Wake up!

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