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History of Magic: DARK MAGICK Pt.2/6

  • Uploaded by -Marduk- on Nov 2, 2008
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History of Magic: Dark Magick

This show will trace the development of entertainment magic throughout the world, from its earliest roots in religious ritual and tribal shamanism to today\\\\\\\'s international stars of Las Vegas and television.

Houdini said: \\\\\\\"Nobody wants a man to fall to his death but they want to be there when it happens.\\\\\\\"
There is one kind of magic that put the magician in danger or appears to. This is the story of how dangerous magic has been defined by one man legacy for more than one hundred years.

Featuring Stars in BBC - Dangerous Magic:
Harry Houdini, Chung Ling Soo, Pen & Teller, David Blaine, James Randi, Criss Angel, Robert Gallup, Mick Mangan, Todd Robbins, John Fisher, Harry Kellar, Pete McCahon, Ruth Brandon, Thomas Solomon, Alan Alan

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