Scientology And Me, John Sweeny - Panorama

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Scientology And Me
John Sweeny - Panorama

Yes, it\'s that *Screaming* one!! And if you wish to see it it’s in the last five minutes but if you want to know why Mr. Sweeny was 100% justified as well as why the man is a saint for not reacting sooner then watch the full clip. John Sweeny wasn’t the instigator by any stretch of the imagination, he simply reacted to a week of constant harassment by Scientology’s *leading light*.

Regardless what you think of the BBC it’s not a ramshackle/fly-by-night broadcasting establishment and if Scientology had nothing to hide then why were they so worried? So worried to the extent that they tried every method possible to strong-arm John Sweeny and consequently the BBC into seeing things in their inherently biased way. For what it’s worth then I think that in this particular event that Scientology was undoubtedly its own worst enemy and the propaganda/documentary they released as a direct rebuttal (and a pre-emptive one) was just embarrassing.

Thankfully this wasn’t a problem that would go away by throwing money at it…..

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