Solar Superstorm of 2012 and Planetary Alignments.

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Nov 7, 2012
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Check this report out !!! Update 7th May, large sunspot (1476)turns to face Earth - induced by 2 triple line ups.see video below from 8 days ago !!!!!!! AS STATED ON THE VIDEO THE BIGGEST FLARE POTENTIAL IS AFTER THIS EVENT APRIL22/25TH. THE BEGINNING OF MAY GIVES A LINE UP WITH SATURN. SO WE ARE THE MOST CONCERNED FOR THE MAY 5th - 8th PERIOD. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW SOON IN PDF FORMAT .Result: We overlooked that we needed a combination with Saturn or Jupiter in the alignments to induce an X flare... So we have a lot of sunspots around April 22nd ... But not complex ones... Therefore no X flare will take place... However this gave as the chance to eliminate a lot of potential dates in the future...

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