Earth bound disaster imminent less than 5 weeks away

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NASA Issues 2012 Warning and Possible End of The World as we know it. Storm Entering Dangerous Interstellar Energy Cloud Family Personal Prepardness Plan Solar System Is Entering An Interstellar Energy Cloud north pole is migrating as a direct result of this energetic cloud, it isn't just affecting this planet, it is affecting the suns current that produces the magnetic field on the sun, and in turn affecting the sun spots. The public were warned about this years ago, and you should think about the fact that NASA had knowledge to predict an event that would affect our solar system and the solar output of the sun years in advance, and that in itself should tell you without any questionable doubt that this event that the Director of NASA warns it employees to prepare for a once in a lifetime catastrophic event that will take place precisely at the same time the mayan calendar ends, this is no joke, understand you are five weeks out from this date, if i am wrong with all that i have presented in this video, then i am wrong alongside all the best scientists that work for all the major institutions on this planet, if you prepare now and some of you havent, you have a better chance of obtaining those necessities than those in the weeks to come when the governments of the world makes their announcements regarding this very specific targeted date. It is very possible and the probability is very likely, your lives may well be turned upside down in a matter of weeks, you should look your families in the eye today and ask yourself the question, have i done everything for their best interests?Best Gene

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