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3MIN News November 9, 2012

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Nov 9, 2012
  • Hits: 1623

Spaceweather: [Look on the left at the X-ray Flux and Solar Wind Speed/Density]HAARP: [Click online data, and have a little fun]CERES JPL:;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orbSDO: [Place to find Solar Images and Videos - as seen from earth]Helioviewer: [SOHO; Lasco and EIT - as seen from earth]Stereo: [Stereo; Cor, EUVI, HI - as seen from the side]SunAEON: [Just click it... trust me]SOLARIMG: [All purpose data viewing site]iSWA: [Free Application; for advanced sun watchers]NASA ENLIL SPIRAL: ENLIL SPIRAL: Wind Map: Buoys: Network: Environmental Visualization Laboratory: [That cool alert map I use]GOES Xray: Radiation Map: Ray Bursts: [Really? You can't figure out what this one is for?]BARTOL Cosmic Rays: [Top left box, look for BIG blue circles]TORCON: [Tornado Forecast for the day]GOES Weather: [Clouds over America]RAIN RECORDS: DORADO WORLD WEATHER MAP: MAP: TRACKER: [Weather site used by many youtubers]NASA News: PHYSORG: [GREAT News Site!]QUAKES LIST FULL: Check the Foreign News Sources as well!!!Iran: Mehr News, TehranTimesChina: Xinhua,, ChinadailyAsia Times dot ComRussia: Ria NovostiIsrael: Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, HaaretzM/E: ArabNews, AlJazeeranews weather 2012 nasa space earthquake sun cyclone solar flare haarp CME nwo magnet maya climate tornado planet moon venus comet volcano fukushima nibiru Suspicious0bservers 2MIN

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