Amazing Galactic Federation of Light ship over Perth Australia (Night vision) - 6th November 2012

Galactic Federation of Light scout ship materialized flying very low and slow over Perth Australia on the 6th November 2012.

As I set up the camera and started recording, the GFL scout ship straight away appeared.

Love & Light to you all. ~11:11~ Blessings to the Space Family on board of Scout ship over Perth Australia on 6th November 2012

Date: 6th November 2012
Time: 8:43 PM
Location: Perth Australia (NOR - North of the river)
Equipment used: Samsung SCB-2000 Night vision Camera on a tripod recorded through Macbook pro.

Video Recorded by: MassLandings2012 Copyright © 2012


New Website is to be released on 27th November 2012. =)

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