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The clock continues to tick, moving us closer to the fulfillment of prophecy.Satanic ritual killings continue to be performed in an effort to give birth to the Anti-christ and the One World Government.The PEACOCK is another manifestation of the heavenly Phoenix on earth. to youtube user renajcbfor this info: CHECK OUT THIS PICTURE OF A PHOENIX RISING FROM ASHES! PUBLISHED 11/6/2012 ELECTION NIGHT!***THIS WAS A DEMONIC SPIRIT MAKING IT'S PRESENCE KNOWN!This occurred in Gloucester which comes from Glevo, a Celtic name meaning "bright place" while they were having Fireworks and bonfires in Gloucestershire! The origin of the word "bonfire" was from "bonefire," a fire in which bones were burnt. 'Bonfire Night': 5 November, the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot (1605), on which large fires are built and effigies of the conspirator Guy Fawkes are burnt. 'Bonefire': a large open-air fire in which bones are burnt." *REMEMBER "V" for Vendetta the 5th of November?While the bonfires are associated with Fawkes and other members of the Gunpowder Plot, research reveals that the practice of lighting bonfires in the days after Halloween grew from pagan practices of celebrating the New Year on November 1.In the British Isles, ancient traditions dating back to the Celts included a calender with the year ending with the harvest and beginning with the cold weather months. In modern times with modern calenders, the Celtic New Year's Eve corresponds with October 31. All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween. November 1, All Saint's Day, was the Celtic New Year's Day. This is the Satanic celebration of Samhain.Modern-day Samhain is the day when many Wiccans believe that their God dies, later to be reborn. Thus, Samhain is not a God of death; it is actually began as a yearly observance of the death of a God.THIS WAS A RITUAL OF DEATH AND REBIRTH! THE PHOENIX RISING FROM IT'S ASHES, THE DEADLY HEAD WOUND THAT IS HEALED!!!Soundtrack: TWO STEPS FROM HELL...PROTECTORS OF THE EARTH

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