Cloaked Ufo Caught While Entering The Atmosphere (in infrared Mode / night vision) 2012 [original]

  • Uploaded by UFOlogic on Nov 10, 2012
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I have detected this UFO near Leipzig, Germany at 16:45 PM (Middle Europ. Time)This Ufo came out of nowhere, i have looked several times at the sky but i saw NOTHING at the Sky. I dont know what this Thing could be but this strange "jumps" looks like that this machine? use some kind of magnetic field generator in which this thing could be drawn forward. This would also explain the optical "camouflage", for such strong magnetic fields would distort the optical spectrum, especially UV radiation, such an object would be invisible to the human eye. The fact that the camera was made available for infrared rays and has been equipped with a strong infrared filter, the camera almost detect infrared radiation was, these magnetic fields? that pulsate to the object itself can sometimes conceal these infrared spectra not just as long as a little sunlight falls on them. If I compare the size of aircraft I appreciate the size of this object have to be about 2-5m, it is difficult to say, because it must be remembered that? Pulsating magnetic field completely surrounds the object, the strength seems to vary from time to time also.

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