Disaster, Are You Prepared ??

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Dr. Geoffrey Simmons talked about disaster preparedness, noting that many facets of being prepared for a disaster are "common sense" concepts, but few people consider them because they presume that "this can't happen to me." Simmons stressed that relying on first responders is foolhardy, because such help likely would not be able to reach them in a timely fashion. He shared a litany of specific preparedness tips, such as having two separate disaster kits: a small one for traveling, should one need to flee, and a larger one for their home in the event that they are stuck there for a lengthy period of time. Being cognizant of the medications one will need, having a plan for housing your pet, and tuning in to an emergency radio station were a few other suggestions that Simmons said could help people endure a disaster. Overview Emergencies, Disasters, and Catastrophes are not gradients, they are separate, distinct problems that require distinct strategies of response[citation needed]. Disasters are events distinguished from everyday emergencies by four factors: Organizations are forced into more and different kinds of interactions than normal; Organizations lose some of their normal autonomy; Performance standards change, and; More coordinated public sector/private sector relationships are required. Catastrophes are distinct from disasters in that: Most or all of the community built structure is heavily impacted; Local officials are unable to undertake their usual work roles ...

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