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Another UFO Captured Over Popocatepti Volcano, Nov 8,2012

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  • Saradela#

    Saradela November 11, 2012 8:09:27 PM CET

    what I meant by everything that he said is not very serius, is the way that the program inform the audience ,in a humorose way.

  • Saradela#

    Saradela November 11, 2012 5:04:48 PM CET

    Ok, I am going to explain the gigling. The man who is talking, is the most important man in this program. This program is in the morning, usually is watched by house wifes. So every thing that they said, somertimes is not serius.He is telling, that his the production crew, filmed the object, and are very excited and that they have been presuring him, since 5.30 in the morning to show thc clip, so he is said, there I put it on, for me it could be a bag of potatoes chips, a football stadium,for the one that belives, there, you have it....and then he continuos with things that happened in Mexico, like one person, said in a town that the virgin Mary talks to him , telling him to colect money for a person who comited a crime....and he said laughing that if the virgin Mary talls to this guy, then everything is possible......

  • Dude45#

    Dude45 November 11, 2012 4:16:11 PM CET

    Nice clip. But I find it odd, especially with Mexico's history of UFO sightings (1991), that these reporters were giggling and laughing throughout the report. You would think that they would take this very seriously.

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