UK Sex Abuse: Freemasonry Needs Investigating! pt2

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Part 1: Intro (4mins approx.)
Exposes Freemasonrys hidden "Baal sex-worship" and its relation to ritual abuse. And why these scandals are never properly investigated.

Part 2: BLOCKED BY YOUTUBE, A Must See! (18mins approx.)
It features a live caller onto LBC 97.3 UK Radio Nov 9th 2012 - "Sarah from East Dulwich" who presents a first hand account of ritual sex child abuse, live on air !

Masonry is itself occult, and a secret sex cult eg. phallus obelisks, masons covering their most "sacred area" with an apron, masonic "G", etc. It pervades to the highest levels of society with judges, politicians, certain religious leaders, police, lawyers, doctors etc all looking out for one another.

But there's more to it than just secret handshakes. Certain kinds of sexual demons are unwittingly distributed.. and also.. are more readily "contracted" due to its occult nature, occult rituals and initiations.

Masonry at it's highest levels is s*x-worship. The 'G' sometimes seen in the square and compass doesn't stand for "God" it stands for the "Generative Principle" (s*x). The square represents the male and the compass - the female etc.

Masonrys un-natural and demonic(Baal) fraternal bonded members would essentially mean masonic members having to investigate THEMSELVES.

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