Capturing UFO's w/ 3-D Glasses Infrared Filter

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on Nov 12, 2012
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DIY Infrared Filter For Capturing Cloaked UFO's. 3-D glasses work best for DIY Projects. This is the simplest way to make IR filter. Filming 1 min of the sky and run that video through app called SlowMo on your iPhone. Slow the video down to 45 min. Watch it. You will see UFo's as black streaks because they move so fast. isolate the streaks and ten Trim the video. Then run that portion through Slomo again. Save to cam roll. Now pause the video and snap photos of the evidence in the video. I have captured so much evidence using this technique. The channel I posted it to VanceBraun channel has vanished. All my hard work was eliminated by who? I do not know. Homeland security placed a ban on the sales of IR ready daytime equipment. You need to make your own equipment. This is how you can easily do it. Post your evidence at the risk of your channel vanishing into thin air. It happened to me. I won't post evidence to this channel just to see it shut down. Follow this method and you will see the ban was placed in action to stop people from gathering daytime evidence of the super highway above your head. This technique also works for filming ghosts in daytime. Use it at a graveyard in the day and capture evidence easily. This works or Homeland security will not of banned the sale of daytime IR ready equipment in the US. But they did look it up. This works so well you can't imagine.Happy hunting.Pass on some love today.

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