Who are the Gnostics, the Seeker of His Word? They are living Christs and not dead Christians. Dead Christians of Book call them heretics.

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Hi Brethren,

WHO ARE THE GNOSTICS? They are living Christs and not dead Christians.
Many think that the Gnostics are heretic and this bad name was given by the Messianic sons of Satan who occupied the Church of God soon after the deaths of Angel Stephen and St.James, the Just. After them, the Messianic Jews did not enter Church of God through the proper Gate where Christ Peter is the Gatekeeper but they rather stealthily jumped over the walls of the Church to occupy it as prophesised by Christ Jesus in Matt.12.v43-45, the arid, evil spirited sacked Temple Priests could not find green pastures and they went into the House of Christ Jesus with seven more evil spirits, the deacons and killed the Church of God with forbidden Jewish Leaven rotten Torah full of holes to lure their victims. Old customers, the Chosen People, filled the Churches and the same old Business flourished. Mammon and not God was worshipped by these waterless canals, the immoral Bishops and their accomplices to make the situation worse than before. When the Monks, mostly Gentile Apostles, criticised them, they gave them the bad name of heretic and killed them by throwing before animals creating Darkness worse than before the arrival of Christ Jesus. Their accomplice Roman Emperor Constantine was worshipped like god and so Mammon replaced God with Popes killing people at their own wills, INSHPOPE.
Apostles were mostly Gentile and then there was a limit of aggression. Hazrat Mohammed Sahib taught them a good lesson but as this Islam of INSHMULLAH, Moon and star, became corrupt, then the Second coming of Christ Jesus was Satguru (Christ) Nanak Dev Ji born 1469 in the Punjab wherefrom I hail. He and His Five Lights Preached Gospel, Islam of Allah, INSHALLAH that is SHARIAH-FREE, for almost 150 years but the Kings of Darkness of Khatri tribe were nowhere to be sorted with the word of mouth. Then, the Last Fourth Prophet, two in M.East and two in East, Royal King Gobind Rai Ji organised the Soldiers of God, the Philanthropic Khalsas (Puritans) to fight the aggressor Emperor sons of Darkness of Kashmir who were Mullahs, who were inciting the Moghul rulers. In the same evil spirit, the people of Judah tribe incited Roman Emperor Constantine to kill Christianity. So, the Blood of aggressions lies on the people of Khatri tribe in India as that of Christ Jesus and His Labourers on the people of Judah tribe, the Princes of Darkness. No wonder when the Blind Guides led the blind, they fell into the Pits of death, the Holocausts.
John, the Baptist, the Angel of Israel, Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. had once-born Disciples to discipline them morally whilst our Anointed Royal High Priest Christ Jesus has twice-born Labourers, no more slaves to sins but righteousness, working in the Vineyard of our Father that has a Narrow Gate for Solitary and sought by those who are pre-destined of our Father. True Vine Christ Jesus has been Planted by our Father in His Vineyard and those who Eat the Juicy Flesh of Jesus, have ears to hear His Word and are capable of Drinking the Refreshing Blood of Christ called Drinking His Cup, Preach Gospel in the manners of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. They Graft themselves to this True Vine to become His Wife for Eternal Life called REST. Anyone who is not Grafted to the True Vine but follow the Wide Road led by hirelings of Mammon Dog-Collared Anti-Christs withers away wasting his precious chance of earning REST.
There is ONE GOD and His Faith is One and not many. But the spiritually blind Disciples of Anti-Christs have many Churches and faiths.
Gnostics are living Christs of our living Father, Allah.

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