NASA scientist says he is 95% sure there is life on Mars

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Nov 14, 2012
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Is there water, and therefore life on Mars? We spoke to Professor Joseph Miller, who's been working on NASA space projects for 30 years. We talked about the Viking probes which went to Mars in the 1970's and some of the experiments they conducted. He gave us a very interesting insight into what is going on up there.Subscribe to our channel! us on Facebook: us on Twitter: our reddit: is a channel dedicated to citizen journalism. We find the best examples of crowd-sourced video and independent content, then use our expertise to add context and analysis. We respond to the stories you're interested in, so if you've got a story you'd love us to get to the bottom of, tweet us, Facebook us, or respond to our videos with a comment - and perhaps check out our reddit.

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