Strong M6-Class Solar Flare Nov 13, 2012

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Double Barrel M-FlaresRapid growth from Active Region 11613 produced a strong Impulsive M6-Class Solar Flare at 02:06 UT Today, this followed an impulsive M2 Flare from the same region a few hours prior at 23:33 UTC. further news - A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is expected to impact the earth in the coming hours and a G1 or G2 class geomagnetic storm is possible. more news shortlySolarWatcher websitehttp://solarwatcher.netEarthquake Forecasting Channel Quality Solar youtube Channel Reporting Channel Website Soft website Terrestrial Activity Report Solar Wind Prediction Solar Websitehttp://www.solarham.comEstimated Planetary K index information Xray Flux Data Information from Solar Monitor Weather Websitehttp://www.westernpacificweather.comSpace Weather Website used is 'Follow Kimiko' - Rick Horrocks RH Soundtracks composed and produced by Rick Horrocks

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